April 20, 2012

11 DPO

Here is last months chart. (March 2012)

Here is my current chart. (April 2012)

A fellow Bud told me that she likes to think that seeing anything different that what she is used to seeing could be a good sign. So I'm gonna try to stick to that. I had another small temperature rise today. Got a negative HPT though.

Anyways, TGIF!

-Buckeye Bud


Diva Bud said...

I'm sure you've stalked FF enough to know that a BFN at 11DPO does NOT mean "game over". Your chart looks good... Consider yourself still "in". GL!!!!!

Me said...

Did you test this morning? That chart looks pretty promising to me.

I agree with DB, 11DPO is far from game over.
~Cactus Bud


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