April 19, 2012

10 DPO and I NEED A Punching Bag

My chart shows I'm still up there. I took a hpt yesterday like a dummy and of course I got a negative. I have had a lot of CCM the past few days. Mostly before noon each day. I might try and test tomorrow morning and if I get a negative I will just assume the worst. All times prior to this I have gotten positives by 11DPO. I know all are different so assuming isn't the smartest. AF is set to arrive on Monday which I really think is gonna happen no matter how hard I wish.

Another thing I wanna talk about but I am kind of hesistant. It's embarrassing and frustrating. Mr. BB is annoying the crap out of me. I am SO frustrated with him I just wanna smack him around and maybe knock some sense into him. Several months ago I told him that it would be a good option that if I wasnt KU by February that he should get tested. He agreed and said that I would need to be the one to deliver it back to their office if he could do it at home. I guess he is embarrassed by a little semen!

February rolls around and he said he wasnt gonna get tested until my PCOS meds actually got in my system. So he put it off another 2 months. Here it is 2 months later. Ive been asking him the past 2 weeks about getting tested and he keeps blowing me off. I called me RE's office and they told me that he has to get a scrip from his PCP and then just take it to my RE's lab next door. I relayed this info to him and he completely dismissed me. He refuses to call his doctor b/c he thinks they wont just write him a scrip without him coming in for an office visit. He just "assumes."

I come home last night and ask him if he called his doctor. This is what I get, "just drop it. I'm not talking about this now. If I was gonna do it, Im not gonna do it anytime soon."
I wanted to cry but I was too pissed!! I said back to him, "Do you have any idea how hopeless I am already and you saying no to this makes it 10x worse." I've reminded him of all the thousands of dollars I have spent already and how many times I've been stuck with needles, and poked where I dont wanna be poked. He didnt even seem to care and told me that I go to the doctors all the time. WTF does that mean? I told him I felt so alone with this issue and that I was the only one who really wanted this. He of course just said no and then continued watching stupid Pawn Stars on the tube.

I am livid. I ignored him the rest of the night and havn't talked to him today. I know it sounds immature but I am ready to proove my point. You dont help me, I dont help you. Feed yourself and do your own laundry. Buckeye Bud is about to make it nasty up in heah! I am tired of playing with this man. I've been dealing with this since 2010 and I'm so fed up with him and his pride. He's embarrassed to squirt it in the cup.....thats all it is. I cannot talk to or even try to rationalize with him right now. I might just have to bring out the tears if this approach doesn't work in a few days. Tears usually get his attention ;) He knows I mean business then.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a man who has acted like this in regards to being tested! Any suggestions on how to get thru to him?!

-Buckeye Bud


Sarcastic Bud said...

I agree with you, this is so frustrating! I'm sure Mr. B loves you very much, and from what I can gather, I think he is just totally embarassed and scared that his sperm might not be up to par. Maybe try to talk to him about that. Let him know that you love him and that nothing would change that. The man may just needsome reassurance.

However, I am totally playing devil's advocate here, because if that was Mr. SB, I would have went crazy on him :) But this is why we ask for advice, so we don't submit to violence, right? Haha.

But you were able to get pregnant before, so can I ask why they need to test his sperm? Just asking because my RE never asked us for this for that reason.

And as far as the pregnancy tests go, don't give up tomorrow. My rule is to wait 48 hours and test again - always with FMU. I used to always get positives at 10 DPO, but for this pregnancy I got a very very faint line at 12 DPO, so its not always a bad thing! I always looked at it as anything that was different from my last cycles is a good thing!

Hang in there, buddy.

P.S. You have mail.

Buckeye Bud said...

Thanks for you kind words and advise SB. I'm trying not to get ghetto on him but the boy is testin me. I hadn't really thought about how maybe he is just scared that something is wrong. The reason why I want him to be tested is because last November he had a massive hernia removed from his groin area. (note- It wasn't in his balls.) But I have heard before that can affect male fertility. Also, he works with pesticides everyday with his full time job and side landscaping business so it really concerns me. He has worked with them even before we started TTC and I was abled to get K/U....but Im afraid something with him has changed. Maybe I am paranoid. I just want to make sure he is okay before I start with further testing on me with my RE.

I will check my mail ;)


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