February 5, 2012


In my opinion, it can't be any more obvious or predictable. I definitely must have Oed this weekend! See for yourself:

Yesterday, my temp plummeted, and today it rose up higher than it's been all cycle. I foresee a biphasic pattern in my near future... Which is in about two days.

I just hope that we timed the BD sessions well. We didn't BD Friday night (our 2nd day of "peak" readings) cause Mr. DBud was tired. It should be ok, though, cause we BDed the last "high" day before seeing the first "peak", and again yesterday when the monitor returned to "high" (today it also went down to "low" as suspected). I also had a bit of cramping on the peak days, and am wondering if it was possibly mittelschmertz. I hope so :)

I am excited to see what happens with this cycle, especially since I FINALLY got my results from my US a couple of days ago (yeah, the US I had in December before Christmas). I found out that the US came back "normal", so I'm good in that department. I replied to the e-mail asking for them to send me my results for the blood test as well, so I can have them, but she said she couldn't, so she would have a copy for me at the office. When I go pick up the results, it'll probably be the last time I set foot in that office. Two months for an US result is unacceptable! On top of all the other things I've mentioned before. If I do get KU this cycle **fingers crossed** I will be checking out the practice my friend visits. If I don't, we'll be seeking a little extra help with figuring out what's wrong.

If everything continues to go smoothly, I am planning on testing on Valentine's Day. It will mark a year since we said goodbye after our first BFP, and it would be great to say hello to another. All positive vibes and baby dust are welcome and appreciated. :)

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Curly Bud said...

Baby dust, baby dust, baby dust!!! *******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

=o) Hope this helps!

Diva Bud said...

LoL! Thanks a million :) :) :)

Explorer Bud said...

So exciting, keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP on Valentines Day!!


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