February 3, 2012

22 Weeks

I am 22 weeks pregnant now. This week our baby is almost 1 lb and 11inches according to babycenter.com, but different websites say different things for each week. I can feel her moving a lot these days, and the moment is stronger. I received the Doppler that I ordered. It is fun to be able to listen to her heartbeat and is a great reassurance.

I gained another pound this week which puts me at 12 lbs over my pre pregnacy weight. I am still feeling great overall. I do have some pain from my round ligament sometimes, but it is fine if I take it easy when it is hurting. I started a prenatal yoga class last week and am planning on taking it once a week until the end of my pregnancy.

We bought an '04 Toyota Sienna on ebay last weekend and Mr. Lucky Bud drove to Ohio to pick it up. We always have driven beaters, so this is the nicest car we have ever had and we are really excited.

22 Weeks

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