January 13, 2012

Starting fresh

AF finally decided to arrive!! Actually... She just did. I had a feeling she would, when last night I got a tinge of brownish spotting. Now, I can start using my CBEFM and see what happens with this cycle. I have a feeling (seeing how my chart turned out) that we totally missed the O this month. Like, totally. We actually haven't even BD in like 3 weeks or more. We have been busy, tired, sick, etc. but we may have had another shot this month if we would've kept at it. Oh well :-/

It's great that AF showed up now, since Mr. DBud and I are getting ready to celebrate our anniversary, and we'll probably want to get busy during out mini-romantic getaway ;)

I REALLY hope the CBEFM can more accurately pinpoint the O... Honestly, I should've known better. Especially since my temps went up even higher when I started temping again. Maybe the CBEFM will do better than the OPKs. I guess we shall see!!! :)

Feeling optimistic again. 2012 is the year... I can feel it.

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