January 12, 2012

Funny But Not Really

So earlier in the week I posted that I hadn't been feeling to well this week. My temp has been elevated, I've had severe dizziness, terrible headaches, extreme fatigue, and have felt down right lethargic. It has NOT been fun.

For the past couple of months every time I would go to the bathroom I would smell a TERRIBLE smell. I thought it was 1 of 2 things.
1) I close the lid every time I flush so no nasty poo particles don't fly in the air to find my toothbrush. So I thought maybe that is what was causing a strange odor in the toilet bowl. Maybe the funk was just attaching to the lid or whatever and building up causing the disgusting stench.


2) My vajayjay was creating some disturbing odor that needed to be addressed by a trained medical professional.....ASAP. I mean it was FUNKY. Like some nasty girl with rotten cooty funky. I know......sounds digusting. But I promise I shower every single day. I was really starting to get paranoid!

Well, come to find out................our toilet is leaking sewer gasses! Praise the lord my cooty don't stink! Mr. Buckeye Bud and I have been in the process of flipping an old farm house for the past 5 years. We relocated the bathroom but he never completely did everything he needed to do with it. So the toilet hasn't been sealed properly for FIVE YEARS!

Can you believe that? He is fixing it as we speak so I pray these symptoms go away ASAP. Just thought I would share this because I find it incredibly disgusting and dangerous! Oh, also entertaining in the fact that I actually thought that was my body producing that funk!


Explorer Bud said...

Oh that is funny!!! I probably would've thought the same thing as well!!! Good thing you hadn't gone to the Dr. about it yet, that would have been a funny conversation!!

Diva Bud said...

All I have to say is... NICE!!! LoL glad you're getting it resolved :) (and that it's not your cooter)


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