January 11, 2012

Old, New, Same

Well, still hanging in there. This pregnancy is going well...as far as I can tell. I am 9 weeks today. Here's some of what I've been experiencing thus far.

My appetite has increased but hasn't gone haywire. I have noticed that I'm hungry every 2-3 hours, which is something I haven't experienced before. My mood swings don't seem to be as "severe" as they have been in my past pregnancies. The fatigue isn't as bad either. So far I've gained 2lbs (the first pregnancy I gained 10; the second, none before the MC). A LOT of nausea. I've been using these things called Sea-Bands to help; surprising they've been doing a fantastic job! Also, a lot of reflux...I've had to go to sleep sitting up for about a week now. And, my boobs are killing me! That's new for me too. Yeesh.

Still taking the progesterone suppositories. Not excited about those things but naturally I will continue to take them. At my 8 week appointment (sometime last week, I can't remember what day) the NP told me that I can stop them around 12-13 weeks. That, I'm excited about. Hehe.

My next ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 10th. I'll be about 13weeks and some change. I didn't want to wait that long, but that's during the window when some first trimester screenings can be done. So to keep me sane, I've bought a fetal doppler (I found what looks like a pretty decent doppler for about $120. A small price to pay for some peace of mind). Who knows if I'll be able to detect the heartbeat but I'm excited about trying. I really hope I can, though. That would save me a lot of worry in the next 5 five weeks.


The Kloeppings said...

I love my doppler:) I had to dig around a bit (bout 15 min worth of different angles,positions etc..) but I finally found the HB around the middle of week 9. Now I find it every few days just for comfort (i'm almost 11 weeks).

Just dont let it drive you nutz. Finding a heart beat with those things before 12 weeks takes patience. If you dont find it one day just try again the next.

Explorer Bud said...

I love buying gadgets to do things on my own, good luck getting the heart beat that will be pretty neat when you do!!


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