January 11, 2012

Same Old Thing.....

Well nothing new to report on. Aunt Flo came and went. I am currently on CD7. My temp has been going up the past few days though. But I think I am getting sick and my house has been crazy hot the past couple of days. All day today I've had a headache and have been super dizzy. I dont wanna get sick! grrrrr. My chart could look like I O'd on CD4 orCD5 but that just can't be right because AF was still in town. So I'm just dismissing that bologna.

I'm gonna start my OPK's when I get home from work tonight. My plan is to do the BD once I get a positive OPK and do it for atleast 4 days after that. I would think I would be covered with that. And if I don't get KU this month I'm sending Mr.Buckeye Bud for some "analysis."

Okay, that's all I have for now. Hope everyone is doing well! Peace and hair grease!



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