December 4, 2011

Retrieval is Scheduled

Today we had our 4th IVF appointment with the Dr. The eggs are looking great, we have one 18 mmm, 3-4 17 mm, 1 16 mm and 4 15 mm eggs. I took a shot of Lupron tonight at 8:30 and we will do the transfer 8:00 am Tuesday morning. I will POAS tomorrow morning to make sure that I have enough HCG in my system and if not I will need to take more HCG to make sure they can get the eggs on Tuesday.
I am feeling really excited because things are progressing and feeling like they are back on track. My lining is continuing to look great and the eggs are growing good so I feel positive about this cycle. I wonder if my body will do better because the cycle is longer, more like my natural cycle is. I have never had a 28 day cycle so maybe when doing IVF forcing my cycle to fit into that 28 days wasn't working for it. Who really knows but that is the only thing different this third time around, so I am hoping that will be a positive. Oh and tomorrow is my one day of no shots!! Tuesday I start up with the Progesterone shots which I am not looking forward to but I will just focus on the one day of no shots!!


Diva Bud said...

This is sooooooo awesome!!!!! Sending LOADS of positive vibes your way... 2012 will be THE YEAR!!! I can feel it :)

Explorer Bud said...

I am feeling hopeful that 2012 is the year too, I hope we are right for the both of us!!!

Diva Bud said...

DEFINITELY!!! As well as a few other buds who seem close, as well :) :) :)


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