December 3, 2011

Growing Eggs

Another appointment closer to harvesting these eggs. They are continuing to grow and are almost there. They have made it to the 15 - 16 mm so we have another appointment tomorrow afternoon to check on them hopefully the last time before we take them out. Also my lining is at 8 mm and the RE said that he likes it to be at least at 7 mm, so I am feeling good about that as well.

Funny note, since I needed more Repronex last minute I had to get it at a pharmacy about 45 minutes away. Apparently they just switched computer systems so it took about 30 minutes for them to pull 4 vials from the shelf. Then I asked for some needles and he gave me the wrong length but I didn't notice until I was in the restaurant bathroom with my pants down icing my butt so my mom could give me my shot. So she had to run back to the car and bring all the needles back. I am sure people were wondering why the two of us were in the bathroom for so long and going in and out. Oh the joys of taking shots while going out to eat!!


Diva Bud said...

C'mon little eggies! Grow!!!! Sending positive vibes your way :)


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