December 3, 2011

The 2WW blues - 8DPO

I'm officially 8DPO, and starting to get really anxious! Temps are staying high, which is a good sign, but the wait continues. I have google searched DPO symptoms, and stalked FF charts from other women with similar issues to mine. Now I am overly-scrutinizing every single symptom, every twinge, every wipe... UGH!!!!!

Last night, I simply couldn't resist... I needed to pee on something! So, I visited a Family Dollar store and purchased 1 test. I wasn't surprised to see a BFN, but again, I just needed to POAS. That's what we are reduced to during the TTC process... Wanting to POAS all the time ;)

Last time, I started getting positives (which, as you may remember I doubted) as early as 9DPO, which is tomorrow. I definitely have big plans for my FMU tomorrow ;)

To be continued...

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Explorer Bud said...

aaawwww I am getting excited for you right now, I would be POAS right now if I were you as well. It is the crazy things we do during TTC. The temps are looking great so hopefully they will continue.

Diva Bud said...

Thanks!!! ::fingers crossed:: I have been having a few weird symptoms (I.e this strange tugging feeling on the left side of my belly button, peeing almost hourly today, etc). We'll see!!!


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