December 14, 2011

Cycle Day 7 - I Might Be Normal Again

Well, today is the 7th day of my cycle and there is no sign of Ov in sight. No CM and no temp increases. On the 8th day of my last cycle, FF says I OV'd. I would think if that were the case this cycle, I would of atleast gotten a positive OPK by now. I tested Monday 2x, Tuesday 3x, and once this morning got all negatives. Just a little bit of LH in my system but not enough that means OV is coming. I recently learned that LH is always in our bodies. Who knew?!
So maybe this means my cycle might be somewhat normal this month! That would be such a relief!

Today is the last day of my 5 day dosage of Femara. The 2- 2.5 mg pills each day hasn't caused any side effects. Just slight headaches .....but I think those were around before I took even took the meds. Now today.....that is another story. I've been taking them at 11am each day, and today at around 2:30ish, I got SOOOO sluggish and dizzy. The headache came to. I attribute all of this to the Femara. I'm glad it's the last day! I am experiencing some weird pains on each side where my ovaries are......idk what that means.

Now I just pray that the Femara does what it is supposed to do and ensures that I OV. Ideally, that would be around day 12 or 13. That way my egg will be soft enough for the little squirmys to get in ;)

Here is my chart as of this abnormal temperature spike, so hopefully it holds off another few days!!


Diva Bud said...

Yay for cycles working themselves out! I wish I could say the same about me :-/ GL with this cycle!!!!!

Explorer Bud said...

That is great that your cycle is looking like it may follow the "Norm" instead of being crazy like it was last month!!


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