December 14, 2011

15 Weeks

I am 15 weeks pregnant now. It is such a miracle, and I am still in awe everyday. It still seems so surreal. Mr. Lucky Bud and I had been trying to get pregnant for 6 years. Even when our children were born, we knew that the chances of us getting pregnant without IVF with ICSI were so slim, that we would welcome a miracle anytime, so we kept on trying. After trying for long so it is just hard to believe that we actually did it, and I am pregnant!

We are so grateful to the couple that gave us their frozen embryos left over from their IVF cycle. We have plans to meet them sometime after the holidays and are looking forward to that. We don't know that much about them, so it will be fun and interesting to learn more.

I really look forward to each apt. with my midwife, just to have the reassurance that everything is okay, and to hear the heartbeat. I have my next visit in a week, so I am very excited for that. Although I have much less anxiety now being past the first trimester, I don't think it is possible for me not to worry at least a tiny bit.

Our baby is now 4 inches from crown to rump, and about the size of an apple. At this point it is possible to determine by ultrasound if you are having a boy or a girl, although we are going to wait another month since that is what our midwife recommended. Our baby is going to be growing fast in the next month and will double in size! That's amazing!

I am having a birthday in two days and will be 34! One of my sisters sent me a thoughtful birthday gift and said I could open it early. It was a necklace like the one below with my little buds names stamped on the charms. I am always trying to think of thoughtful gifts for our birth parents, and as I have received them in the mail, have admired them and wished that I had a keepsake too, so it was a great gift.

dainty names (hand stamped jewelry)
gift from my sister
I thought I would include a photo too of what I got Baby Lucky Buds birthparents to celebrate the first year of his adoption. I was looking over my email correspondences with Baby Lucky Buds birthmom, and it is crazy to think that a year ago from today we had no idea that we would be bringing home a baby in less than two weeks! (More details to come on Baby Lucky Buds adoption)

gift for birth mother
Baby Footprint Necklace--DAD--Dog Tag--YOUR baby's footprint--Fine Silver--Single Footprint
gift for birth father


Diva Bud said...

Very cute :) Love the charms! I hope things continue to progress as they have!!!

Explorer Bud said...

It is amazing how fast this pregnancy is going, I can't believe that you are already at 15 weeks!! I love the charms too what a great idea.


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