December 21, 2011

Charting Confusion

So I've been charting like a good girl the past 2 months.....with the exception of a couple of days. My alarm is set for 5:45 am 7 days a week. I keep my thermometer within arms length just so I know I don't have to move around a lot and possibly skew the results. I don't talk or drink or do anything else before temping. SO, here is my concern for today......

5:45 AM- Temp 97.40 (went back to sleep after) (AND this was my same temp as yesterday!)
9:45 AM - Temp 97.70 (I was still in bed, hadn't moved around or talked)

WHY is there such a variation?? I know I should chart the first temp I received but that would mess up my temperature spike (it wont keep at an upward rise.) If you look at my chart below, I charted the 97.70 temp. This also gave me an empty circle I am assuming b/c of the time. I always seem to get this type of circle when my time is off.

Does anyone get variations like this when they sleep later than their usual temping time??? Or do I have a POS thermometer??!!


Diva Bud said...

Hmm... Looks a little like what my chart currently looks like (a rollercoaster). I can't offer you an answer as to why... I would just keep POAS and BD when the temp drops, just in case ;) keep your eye on any more changes.

MrsH120807 said...

It's because of the time. As your body gets closer to a natural waking time, your internal temp naturally goes up. FF will always give you an open circle if you temp at a different time or if you do certain things like drink alcohol. All of thosr things affect your temp.


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