December 21, 2011

And the rollercoaster continues...

Well, I am currently wrapping up CD 48 and 26 DPO with no sign of AF (OB also said there was no sign of her appearing) or a BFP. Here is how my chart has continued to develop:

I missed a couple if days, as you can see by the dotted lines, but since continuing on my temping track, it's been nothing but ups and downs. What that means? I have no idea. The only other "symptoms" I have noticed was some creamy/watery discharge and total exhaustion. The exhaustion can be related to the non-stop shopping and craziness that the season brings.

Tomorrow I will be having an ultrasound, as per my OB/GYN. It was supposed to happen on Tuesday, but there was a little "hiccup" in the plan. After that, I will be seeing an RE at a local fertility clinic. Hopefully I can start off the year with a clear TTC plan, and have my own little take home baby in 2012. There's still a part of me hoping that they discover a little creature on that US screen... But I know the chances of that are slim. Still, it would be nice :) I actually know someone, who wasn't TTC, who missed AF and started to wonder so she POAS... Various ones. All came up negative. She went into the Doctor and had a blood test. ALSO negative. At about 12 weeks or more, I believe, she had an US and found out she was KU. I think she was so far along, she even found out the sex. Crazy, huh? What are the chances. Again, slim... But there's always that glimmer of hope.

Adding insult to injury, I was at a local department store with a friend, doing some Christmas shopping, and of course I took a stroll through the baby section. SO looking forward to some day (hopefully soon) being able to pick out a few little things for our little bundle. ::fingers, eyes and toes all crossed::

Hope everyone is having a fab
Holiday Season :)

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Explorer Bud said...

Crazy cycles are the worst EVER!! I am sorry this has been a long year, 2012 can only get better!! New Dr.'s, new options?!

Curly Bud said...

Yeah, I hate that rollercoaster for you! It's too bad that there's never any real documentation that tells the answers to all your questions. Life needs a manual...

But I truly believe that 2012 will be better for all of us and our uteruses! *Still hoping for a surprise pea in the pod when you get your US!*

Bossy Bud said...

Diva, I understand your frustration. Don't give up hope just yet. My fingers are crossed for you.

And- Great news about the RE! I'm super excited about you getting answers and gearing up for a 2012 bundle! This is going to be our year; I can feel it!

Diva Bud said...

Thanks ladies... The US tech didn't say much about my uterus, but it seemed a bit empty. She kept clicking on some round thing. I was afraid to ask :-/ I am going to wait until my Dr's office e-mails me with the results, etc. and then go from there. In the meantime, going to continue enjoying the holidays ;) 2012 WILL BE THE YEAR!!!!! :) :) :)


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