November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Surprise

The past 2 days I have had quite a bit of CM. This is the first way I always know when I am getting ready to Ovulate. It's only cycle day 8 so it does concern me. I really think that Prometrium might of messed with me.
But any-who, at around 4:00 this afternoon I took an ovulation test and it came out positive. Mr.Buckeye Bud and I went ahead and FWP just in case. I just tested again and got another positive (9:00pm)

I have been charting my temps/cycle symptoms for the first time in my life and I find it pretty intriguing. The past 2 days there is an obvious increase in temperature. I'm pretty anxious to test it in the morning to see if it continues to rise. Im not sure when my chart will get a crosshair, but hopefully it wont show one for a couple of days. According to what I read on the net, if I ovulate too early in my cycle my egg won't be soft enough to let the little tadpoles in.

If I don't get pregnant this cycle I wont be too disappointed. After all, I do get to start Femara next month and maybe that will make me drop multiple eggs! Now that would be one heck of a blessing!

BTW.......Hoping everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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