November 27, 2011

Slightly different data interpretation

Hello, everyone :) I hope you all are having a great LONG Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

I have decided to input all the TTC data, I have been collecting, into Fertility Friend, aside from continuing to use Period Tracker. I know a lot of my fellow buds have had a lot of luck using it, and since they also have an app, it makes it easy to input BBT early in the morning ;)

So, here is my FF chart so far...

I am not too sure about how accurate the 1st temp is, being that it was taken with an old BBT that was partially chewed up. The rest of the temps are taken with my new BBT, purchased when I bought the OPKs. As you can see, my positive OPK lines up with the drop in temp, which looks pretty good. I saw a few other charts on FF, from women with similar issues to mine, using metformin, etc, who had a positive right on the day of the temp drop, or right after... And since we've been BDing like crazy, we should be in good shape. Not to mention I've been pretty good about taking the metformin lately... I finally got a little rhythm going. I can only hope this all pays off!!!

Now I find myself with a major charting dilemma... I want tomorrow morning to come already so I can temp again and continue seeing how things develop! ;)

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Me said...

Betcha $$ that you get crosshairs tomorrow. The temp drop, subsequent spike AND the + OPK line up so perfectly.

I'd probably discard that first temp, it looks suspect to me. Pretty sure FF will either discard it for you or give you dotted crosshairs once you get further into your cycle.

~Cactus Bud

Diva Bud said...

That's what I thought. It's a pretty good looking chart, if you ask me! Even though I haven't been temping all cycle long.

At one point, I did "discard" it... but then I left it in, just in case. I will let the chart work it's magic. I am DYING to wake up tomorrow and temp again... super anxious to see what my chart does next!!! ::fingers crossed this month is IT::


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