November 27, 2011

Frustration Sets In.....Need Some Opinions

Ughh I'm so frustrated right now! Getting pregnant in the past has been so effortless. Ever since I started temping it seems this whole process has me super stressed!

  • Wednesday: 7 days since AF was visiting. Watery cervical mucus. WooHoo....eggy will be dropping soon (I can always tell b/c of this)!!
  • Thursday: 7 days since AF was visiting. Watery cervical mucus. Positive OPK. 24-36 hours I should expect to ovulate! Did the BD.
  • Friday: Sore boobies. Positive OPK (even more distinct test line). Did the BD.
  • Saturday: Sore boobies. Negative OPK (just for the hell of it) No BD....Mr.Bud fell asleep early.
  • Sunday: Sore boobies.

HOWEVER, according to my FF BBT Chart, it says I ovulated on Wednesday. WTF?!!! That's only 7 days past the first day of AF! I don't know which I should believe. Temps or my OPK's. AND why in the hell do my boobs hurt?! They have never hurt before or after ovulation. They usually ONLY hurt about a week before AF arrives. And she arrived just a little over a week ago.
Here is my chart:

The past 2 days on my chart are the empty circles which means they could be wrong. I tested twice each time double checking my numbers but they pretty much stayed the I know they weren't wrong!



The Kloeppings said...

FF can get confused sometimes especially if your temps are erratic or your temping time is. I'd keep BD'ing for good measure until you see the continued thermal shift. You only have three data points, if your temp drops off tomorrow FF may move your lines.

Buckeye Bud said...

Thanks for responding! I'm wondering if my erratic temps have anything to do with my erratic sleep patterns? lol. Maybe so. I will definitely take your advise and keep bd'ing until I see the spike. Thanks again!! :)


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