November 22, 2011

Over analyzing? So what?!

This TTC stuff is serious business... For one, I find myself thinking about it all the time, from each and every symptom I feel, to every single move I make. Still, with all of that other "stuff" I have decided to narrow my "fertility decoding tools" down to two: OPKs and BBT. Here is an update on my current findings...

To refresh your memory, and in an effort to put things into perspective, yesterday's OPK looked like this:

I decided, today, to test twice... For good measure. A little tip from Cactus Bud ;) I tested at about 6:30pm and again at 11:45pm (around the time I have been testing nightly). Here are the results from those two (earlier time on top, later time on bottom):

Now, in addition to using OPKs, I am also tracking my BBT. I began doing so yesterday, so there is not much to show... But what I have so far is this:

And now, ladies... I am more confused than ever :-/ can anyone help me decipher all of this? Is the big O coming? Or am
I waiting in vain... :-/ either way, Mr. DBud and I are about to BD... So that should help... C'mon TURKEY!!!! ;) ;) ;) lets hope that "stork" yesterday is bringing me good luck...

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