November 30, 2011

+OPK at 4DPO?

Just for the heck of it, I decided to use another OPK... After all, they go bad after 30 days, and I have a few left, so why not? Well, as you can see, it was positive. So I started wondering... Does this mean anything? My +OPK was on Friday (CD22), coinciding with my temp drop and subsequent rise. Temps have stayed above the line, varying only by half a degree. I am praying they stay up, and that all this cramping and all these twinges are the sign of something good. I guess we will have to see... I'm currently 5DPO and MAJORLY itching to test!!!! Still hoping for a sticky Turkey ;)

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Me said...

In my experience +OPKs mean two possible things.

1) Ovulation (Did you keep doing OPKs until one got negative to confirm the surge had passed? Its possible to get a surge and then not O...though your temps suggest you did O, assuming they've stayed up.)

2) Pregnancy (At 5DPO its too soon for that. I've tested this theory, OPKs really do come up + when someone KTFU takes them.)

~Cactus Bud

The Kloeppings said...

With PCOS your LH levels can often be high at odd times...just watch your temps at this long as they stay up you're on the right track:)

Diva Bud said...

That's what I read, about PCOS and LH levels... But my levels were low before the O and then went sorta low again, I believe. Yesterday's test was unmistakeable...

Itching to POAS soon... EEEEK!!!!! LoL

Diva Bud said...

BTW - I had some, very obvious,creamy white (not EWCM) today... So Ovulation is definitely over. I haven't had any EWCM the last couple of days either so let's see what happens! I have been feeling a lot of cramps and twinges lately, as well as some backaches. I am also tired today. Let's hope this is it!!! :)


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