November 15, 2011


I finally decided to go the OPK route. I purchased a box of Generic Pharmacy Brand OPKs the day before my last period began, and used the 1st one then. To my surprise, the next day, AF came to town. No wonder that one came up negative ;)

Anyway, today is CD12, so I figured this may be a good time to start testing for the big O. Here is my result:

As an OPK first timer, I am not sure how to interpret this. Is that a very light line? I may have to re-consult the instructions from the box and see... Or maybe test again tomorrow??? :-/ I don't know what to do. As a 1st timer, I feel a bit lost. I am not checking my BBT and haven't really been paying much attention to my CM... So this is really all I have to go by. Any thoughts? Comments? I am really interested to know how your experiences have gone with OPKs, especially drug store generics. And of course, any suggestions are always welcome. I said this before, and I will say it again... I am determined to cook up a little Turkey this year :)

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The Kloeppings said...

so, from my experience with OPK's and PCOS, don't always believe what you see:) The way OPK's work is to detect LH in your urine. The more LH, the darker the line and the closer you are to O'ing. For PCOS ladies sometimes our LH is all out of whack and can be dark on dark for many days and no thermal shift to show an actual O. Rule of thumb, if the test line is darker than the control line, BD like crazy:)

So, test again tomorrow and the next day and the next day (same time you did today and not with the first pee of the day - i did mine around lunch)until that test line is darker than the control line. As the line gets darker just make sure you're BD'in:) If the lines start getting fainter you either O'd or PCOS did it's thing and your LH is on it's way back down with no O. Only temping can really tell you what happened (with the thermal shift).

Good luck!!

Cactus Bud said...

That line looks like a negative to me. A positive OPK has the test line at least as dark as the control line.

The pp explained things better than I could. Just wanted to add that I used to test a couple times a day when I knew I was within a day or two of O. Managed to time things really well the cycle I got KU with my son because of that.

Diva Bud said...

Thanks!!! This helps :) I am continuing to test... We'll see if any changes occur. I may have to monitor BBT as well to get a better idea of when the O is happening.

I am taking Metformin again, which was what triggered my O last time, that got me KU, and ended in a loss at 5wks.

We shall see :)


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