November 28, 2011

Confusion, concern and jealousy

This was the result of my OPK on Friday:

The confusion and concern:

Yeah, that's as dark as it got. You can't tell from the pic, but the test line is darker at the far end (if that makes sense). I was so hoping for a definitive 2 lines but I don't know if pregnancy is still a possibility. I had some nice egg-white CF for a couple of days though. We BD'd about every other day for a week. My hope for a baby will probably still have me checking a HPT next week when AF is expected to arrive.

The jealousy?

Well, the BF brought the new baby to work last week. Yeah that was hard. Baby Girl was so sweet and cuddly and had that endearing new-baby smell. Then she was cranky and hungry and pooped a glorious shade of yellow all over herself. MAN...I know it's not a "pie job," but I have never been so ready for a "job" change. And hearing all of the pregnancy likes and dislikes from the new soon-to-be member of mommyhood doesn't help either. If the preggers bug doesn't bite me this month, I believe I will start checking BBT like Diva. That, with the OPK helped her...hopefully it will me too.


Diva Bud said...

If this wasn't the month for you (which of course you are not certain of yet, so you should keep your chin up regardless) I HIGHLY recommend that you track your BBT as well as using OPKs. I think this will give you a much better insight into your fertility. If you do everything possible to try and conceive and it doesn't happen naturally (or as naturally as possible using all these "tools") then you know you need to seek a bit more help... My Dr. said they won't investigate issues causing a MC until you've had 3. After the pain of #1 at 5 weeks, that is NOT good enough for me. Therefore, if this isn't my month, I'm booking th first appointment at a local IF clinic. Having all of this data helps them help you get a hold of your fertility... So it's definitely worth a shot!!!! GL!!!!! Hoping to read of a BFP this month from you :)

Curly Bud said...

Thanks, Diva. I appreciate your words of optimism. I have 2 MCs under my belt already...I almost can't fathom that pain again. I guess I haven't gone to an IF clinic yet because 1- I never thought I'd miscarry the first time (absoloutely NO family history of infertility/difficulty TTC) and 2- thought the second time was just another "fluke." If I don't get the BFP this month I will definitely start temping next month.

Thanks again and I look forward to reading about your BFP!


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