October 13, 2011

Dr. Appointment - Check!!

Yesterday we finally made it to the new Dr.'s office after cancelling and debating on when we should reschedule. Mr. Explorer Bud and I both agree that we liked this Dr. and he had some interesting theories about PCOS and Hypothyroidism.We first got to fill out more paperwork and then go back with a nurse and have her fill some more in on the computer and then sat around waiting to go talk with the Dr. He went over both our previous lab work, IVF treatments and surgeries which brought up a little emotion when talking about the IVF cycles. I was surprised because I felt almost defensive about them that I produced good eggs and everything was fine. Strange but so is going through infertility too!

In talking about how I was feeling, tired, colder than other people around me and still not dropping weight like I feel I should be he felt my T3 levels were not up to par so he has put me on a natural Thyroid that is T3 and T4 and we will retest my levels in 6 weeks so I am hoping to feel more energized. Then we moved over to PCOS where he talked about Testosterone and that a lot of the time women with PCOS are actually lacking Free Testosterone but not in Total Testosterone. When you are lacking in Free Testosterone you are tired, have trouble remembering things, poor muscle development, low sex-drive and lots more symptoms. I have a lot of these symptoms and my Total Testosterone isn't terribly high but it is a little high but interestingly I wasn't tested for Free Testosterone levels. If we are going to do IVF within the next 6 months then I will have to wait to address this issue because to treat it I would be put on too high of levels of Testosterone to carry a baby. At least I know what some of my problems may be stemming from.

So any who, moving onto the exam portion of the appointment, which I appreciate since it is coming out of my pocket I would like the Dr. to actually see what is going on in those ovaries and uterus before he makes recommendations. He did confirm that I am Poly Cystic, on my right ovary I had about 20 follicles and on my left I had a few. He then said that my cervix was very tight and only had a pin hole size opening when it should be bigger and that he will probably need to dilate my cervix for our next IVF. Has anyone had this done before and I thought it was strange since I don't believe my prior Dr. did it for either of my IVF's??

He asked if I was ever diagnosed with Endometriosis and I said no that I hadn't. He did some palpation's and found that I do on my left side which is the side that I had the ectopic and tubal removal. He said it was minor and shouldn't cause a problem but that we should keep an eye on it in the future. Yeah, one more "problem" to add to the list!! Love it!! So I am supposed to send him the pictures from my tubal ligation so he can see if it was there prior.

He did say that I probably had an infection in that tube and that was probably why I ended up with an Ectopic pregnancy which makes a little more sense than it just floated around and landed there in the tube.

At the end we decided we would move forward with a third IVF with ICSI but it will be a low stim IVF which is where I will be on Clomid for 5-7 days and then injections the last week instead of the whole time. His goal is to harvest 4-8 eggs instead of a bunch and to get at least 2 good quality ones to put back in. Since my lining is thin right now and who knows when I may ovulate next, doesn't look like anytime soon, I can start BCP's at anytime! Oh and I talked to him about my worry that my lining isn't thickening up after the IVF he said we could try taking Progesterone the last two weeks that I am on BCP's and that should help tell my body to start building up a lining.

I think I will wait a few weeks before starting the BCP since I calculated it out and I would be doing the retrieval and transfer the week of Thanksgiving which we will hopefully be in California with family. I am excited by apprehensive since the first two ended in no baby.


Diva Bud said...

It seems to me that this new Dr. is very knowledgable. I think you're in good hands :) Sending positive vibes your way!!!!!

Explorer Bud said...

I am hoping he truly is!! Thanks for the positive vibes!!


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