October 25, 2011

8 weeks

Just for fun, a pic of my boys at the pumpkin farm


I am 8 weeks along now in my pregnancy. I don't have too much to report. Everything seems to be going good except I have more nausea than last week. I meet with my midwife for the first time this week, and I have another ultrasound in a week from today. My mom is in town visiting from Seattle. She is at her sisters this week, but is coming to see us on Saturday for a few days, so I am looking forward to seeing her. She is going to come along for my ultrasound.

I have talked to Little Lucky Bud (age 2) about the baby since I am always gagging and puking and he was concerned. I tell him that the baby is tickling my tummy and it makes me puke. When I am nauseous he tickles the baby back, then "tucks it in" and says,"shhhh, shhh, shhh" so it will go to sleep and not tickle me anymore.

He also likes to show with his hands how the baby will get, "bigger, bigger, bigger....hold the baby."
Today Little Lucky Bud woke from his nap and Baby Lucky Bud was still sleeping, so we watched videos of the development of a baby. He liked it a lot, and wanted me to put the videos on for Mr Lucky Bud when he got home. It was very cute

I saw my mom at my Aunts house for Dinner on Sunday. She never wants to hear ANY details about anything related to the procedure part of infertility: ie; medications, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, or basically anything that is uncomfortable. As I was telling my Aunt some basic things, my mom covered her ears and sang, "La, :La, LA."
I did know that my mom had two miscarriages sometime after I was born. She is not one to talk at all about anything emotional, or to show any emotion so I don't know anything else about it. There was a discussion at my Aunts though on Sunday, and I found out for the first time that my mom had a D and C without any anesthetic, and the memory of it is too awful for her to talk about anything that makes her think of it. There is probably pain related to the loss of the two babies which could also be another reason she doesn't want to talk about it. My mom is very private with anything in her life that has emotions attached to it, and so she is very mysterious to me in some ways because I feel like there is so many things about her that I don't know. It makes me feel sad to hear that she went through such a painful experience. She is a very strong lady and went through so much at a young age. I love you mom.


Cactus Bud said...

Its amazing what little ones can understand when it comes to pregnancy. I remember when we finally told our family about our pregnancy that my 5 yr old neice followed up hearing the news with, "So is the baby the letter C now?" (When her mom was pregnant with her baby brother they'd looked up what the baby looked like each week...and she'd remembered that early on it looked like a C)

I'm so glad to hear that your third LO is doing well. So happy for you.

Big hugs to your mom for having to undergo a D&C w/o anethesia...I can't even imagine how emotionally and physically painful that must've been.


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