September 28, 2011


Well guess what. There's another pregnant lady wandering around. And no, it ain't me. Remember the friend who had the ectopic? She is the new lucky recipient of a BFP. And you know what? I'm about tired of being happy for everyone else around me...I want some of that happiness for myself. I'm sure you ladies will forgive me for sounding like a petulant child. =o/

In addition to that, I/we think the BF's water broke this evening at work. She's at the MAU now getting checked. She says she'll call me when she needs me; I'm anxious to be there for her but I don't want to step on anyone's toes. We'll see. I'm more excited for her now than I am sorry for myself. Hopefully this sentiment will last me far past the birth. Self pity is quite exhausting.

Right now I'm on day CD11, and have been keeping an eye on my cervical fluid. I'm not sure if Mr. Curly Bud will be willing to have a go at it this month or not. We go on vacation for our anniversary in about 1.5weeks so I'm kind of leaning on waiting until we get back to start trying again. We'll see.


Diva Bud said...

I hear ya! I'm in the same boat. My EDD is approaching, and I am DREADING it. Especially since everyone around me is either pregnant or giving birth, these days. It seems that if it's someone close to you, it's easier to be happy... Do you agree?

You should go for it when you feel it's right... When trying at this the "natural" way, it doesn't seem to do much good to force things.



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