September 15, 2011

A sign?

Do any of you ladies believe in signs? I mean like you were supposed to be on the 11 o'clock train but lost your keys making you late, and keeping you out of a horrific train accident - that kind of sign.

Well, I do. And yesterday I wonder if I saw one. Let me explain...

The BF made me a bracelet (beautiful) with the baby's birthstones on it (peridot for August, and amethyst for February) - strangely my two fave colors. I wear it practically every day and have received many compliments on it, though I rarely go into the meaning of the colors. Well yesterday, as I was getting out of the car I hooked my pocketbook on my left forearm and proceded to walk toward the stairs to get into the office. I heard a little snap. My bracelet broke! Now on one hand, I'm sad that it broke but not devastated because it can easily be fixed. But on the other, is it a sign? Does that mean that this cycle of miscarriages is broken like my bracelet? I thought it was ironic especially happening this week when I am to take a HPT this weekend/early next week.

Definitely a head-scratcher!

*Symptoms: increased cravings, increased fatigue and CRABBINESS!!! <~~Poor Mr. Curly Bud! I know that these symptoms can also be caused by AF, but I feel they are different than normal.


Cactus Bud said...

I definitely believe in signs. I once was held up for ridiculously long time in a fast food line just to end up being the first on the scene of a bad traffic accident. I'd just had a refresher on my first aid training that very day. I swear that wasn't coincidence.

Good luck with your testing! Fingers big time crossed that whenever your BFP arrives that the miscarriage chain is indeed broken.


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