September 23, 2011

Same Ole' Same Ole'

There really hasn't been much of a change in my TTC journey as I have yet to make an appointment. I still need to get around to it but I am finally feeling like I am out of the fog of being. I am not sure I am ready to reopen those emotions if our next round of IVF doesn't work.

I did compete in the triathlon with my friend over the weekend and we completed the sprint triathlon in 2 hours 5 minutes, which isn't bad for not training very hard. It was great to get out and do a competition again since I have been putting off doing anything while doing IVF. It felt good to get out there and not focus on infertility.

I think I will keep doing short runs and triathlons instead of putting them off just in case I get pregnant.


Esther Noelle said...

That's so awesome you did a triathlon! Yes what a great thing to do to take your mind off all this stuff! Can't wait to hear all your updates!


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