September 4, 2011

AF has arrived Earlier

So today AF arrived and it has only been 41 days!! What! That is good in that maybe my cycles will start to regulate instead of being 70+ days apart. Maybe just maybe my eating healthy is doing the trick in helping my hormones therefore my PCOS and hypothyroidism symptoms improve!! Not too bad I would say!!


Diva Bud said...

PCOS is evil. Glad to see things are improving for you. What would you say are the major changes you have made that you feel are making the biggest difference?

Explorer Bud said...

I have changed my eating to Paleo which is lean meats, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Only drinking water and exercising only 15 - 20 minutes a day. So that does exclude dairy, grains and legumes due to the inflammatory factors and insulin spikes that all those foods cause. My energy levels are consistent throughout the day, I don't get my crazy hunger cravings around 3 in the afternoon or late at night, I am sleeping deeper and feeling rested in the mornings and I am able to push myself physically a lot more with less aches and pains afterwards.


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