August 8, 2011

The Wait Continues

We are still working on the final draft of our Open Agreement with our donors for our embryo adoption. The question that was holding us up was whether or not we would get a picture of the donor family at some point after a child is born. Two Fridays ago the donor family said yes, but by Monday weren't really sure, so they set up a call with the social worker for Wednesday. They forgot about it and rescheduled for Thursday. They forgot they were busy Thursday and rescheduled for Friday.

Friday our social worker spoke to the husband and he said that they were okay with a picture at one year after a child is born. The donor husband still had to confirm with his wife, but it seemed that by their conversation today with our social worker that things would be settled. I got an email today that the wife donor has more questions or requests, so the couple will have a conversation with the social worker again tomorrow, and I will hopefully know more shortly after!


Diva Bud said...

There's nothing more nerve-wrecking than waiting... :( Hopefully you'll have answers soon!

Lucky Bud said...

Thank you! The waiting really can be the hardest part sometimes!


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