August 28, 2011


I have been a very bad blogger this summer. You would think with the summers off I would have this time to blog; however I haven't had much time to sit down and write. I have also been tying to stay as sane as possible with everything that is going on. I did find out from our insurance company that even though I was originally told I had no infertility limit, I can only do 6 ART cycles. The no limit applies to a monetary limit. So without realizing it, I have used up 1/3rd of our chances to get pregnant. I have to admit this freaks me out a little bit. I know we would never be able to try once our insurance runs out. Hopefully this upcoming cycle works.

Just a few hours ago, I took my last BCP. Hopefully AF will show up again soon so that I can start stimming for my next ER. I am cautiously optimistic that this must work. Third time's a charm right?


Explorer Bud said...

Yes 3rd time is the charm I am crossing my fingers that this is the one for you!! It is stressful to know there is a limit on the number of tries you can do!!


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