August 10, 2011

27 Week Update

I've been somewhat Missing In Action here because my family is going through a terrible time right now. Unfortunately, my Father-In-Law was diagnosed with Leukemia. We have been through a whirlwind these past few days and it has been hard to focus on anything, much less blogging. Right now, we don't have much information other than the diagnosis which is definitely scary. Any thoughts and prayers the Bloomin' Babies readers can spare would be much appreciated.

As far as the pregnancy, things are still moving along well. I haven't taken a picture the past two weeks so I think I am getting bigger but don't have pictures to prove it. The baby has bruised my ribs and I am in SO much pain all the time now. It really sucks, sometimes I am so frustrated by the pain I just cry. My back has started hurting as well, the one Tylenol a day just isn't helping anymore. I don't think there is anything else I can do to ease my pain though.

I feel hungry all the time but I am paranoid of gaining too much weight. I try to eat healthy but I am not sure I am doing the best job at that. I do eat a lot of cereal, lately Raisin Bran, and therefore a lot of milk. I am trying to get all the nutrients I need for the baby but it is definitely a challenge.

Our Bradley classes start next week and I am really excited. I have been reading the course book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way and am excited for Mr. BB to learn the techniques. The teacher seems really great through the phone calls and emails so I think we are going to learn a lot. I have to admit I am a little paranoid, they say that 97% of Bradley moms go med-free. I really don't want to be in the 3% who don't make it. I know Mr. BB will be great I am just worried I will give up. The Bradley Method is all about relaxing and I am stressing about not being able to relax through the contractions. I am sure stressing about that doesn't help, haha!

I have my Glucose test next week as well. I really hope I pass, I was fine with my daughter so I am using that to remind myself that I will probably be ok.

I will have more updates next week after my appointment. After that appointment I go every two weeks already! Sometimes I feel like I still have a long way to go but getting to appointments every two weeks makes it seem close.

All the best,


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