July 31, 2011

The Great False Alarm

So Friday morning, my water broke.

Sort of.

More accurately, I was lying in bed at 6:30 and felt a gush of fluid. Fluid that, upon further inspection, was clear and odorless. So I thought to myself "It's go time!"

But then.

No contractions. None. And no leaking of fluid.

I spent the entire day rocking my hips, walking, doing ANYTHING to get some contractions going. I got some, but they were 10 - 20 minutes apart and only about 30 seconds long. So to bed I went.

The next morning, same story. Contractions are weak, and about 15 minutes apart. At 8, I call the hospital and let them know what is going on. They ask me to come in, monitor my contractions (now 7-ish minutes apart), and proceed to discharge me saying "One of two things may have happened. Either it was urine (thank you. Urine is yellow and it has a very...ahem...distinct odor AND you can make it stop. I couldn't do that with the fluid the morning before. It stopped on its own) or I have a second layer of amniotic fluid that burst, rather than the actual amniotic sac. So, disappointed, we went home and, following Dr's orders, had some marital fun. Immediately after we finished, WHAM, contractions in the extreme. Hard ones.

They lasted about three hours.

So here we are, with a baby that has dropped to around the area of my knees, possible partially broken water, but completely stalled out contractions. She's only 37w5d, but I had myself geared up to be a mommy this weekend. It's a very frustrating turn of events.

I have permission to go back to work Monday, although I do feel guilty about making Mr. CB miss an entire day of work Saturday. Le sigh. It's been a long weekend.

Lots of Love,
Cherry Bud


Jen J. said...

Ugh, so frustrating...hopefully things get moving soon!


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