July 16, 2011

First Baby Shower

I wanted to report in about our first baby shower. My sister, cousin and mom hosted it, and it was very cute! About 15 people came, and most of them were our relatives. My sister held it at her house, which is the perfect space for entertaining--plenty of seating, a huge kitchen, and easy for people to find.

We started with brunch--my sis made a whole bunch of muffins, breakfast breads, fruit salad, etc. Everything was really delicious, especially her sweet rolls. MMM. Good and sugary with sugared nuts and a caramel syrup...a pregnant woman's best friend, I think!

We played two games--the guess-the-belly-measurement game and a trivia game. I thought it was HILARIOUS to see how big my family (and especially my mother-in-law) thought I was--some people were cutting strings as long as they are tall! Turns out, my BFF from home was the only one who was even close, and she was less than an inch off. Even my sister (who's due the same day as me) was about a foot off! Most of the strings could have wrapped around both me and Mr. Magnolia Bud easily. The trivia game was interesting--I won, which was awesome! Did you know that a woman in the 1700's had 69 children? Most were twins, triplets or quads! And did you know the record for biggest baby ever born was a baby weighing in at 23 lbs and change? Wow!

After the games, Mr. Magnolia Bud, my brothers, and my brother-in-law came over for the presents. We got a lot of useful stuff! My BIL made some onesies for Mr. MB with his screen printer (inside jokes on front, pretty cute!). We also got our video monitor, sleep sheep, a wet bag, bottles, swaddle sack, baby bullet, a few toys, a bouquet of baby clothes (very cute, and it had cash in it too :) ), gift card to BRU, jumper, super-cute baby bunting, baby books, several packs of flannel lap and bassinet pads, spoons, bowls, underarm thermometer, and Mr. MB's favorite gift, a set of periodic table building blocks.

Here's a link to the blocks. If I haven't shared this before, Mr. MB has his Ph.D. in chemistry. He loves chemistry. A lot! He quizzes me on the abbreviations of elements of the periodic table as a road trip game. (Thankfully he hasn't started asking me atomic weights or I'd fail miserably!). He is determined that Baby Magnolia Bud is going to know the periodic table before his or her first science fair. So thanks to my BFF from home, Baby MB might just learn the elements.

So all in all, we received some really excellent, very useful gifts! It was such a great shower, and we felt very loved by my family! We can't believe we still have three showers to go--one on July 31 (in-laws, out of town), one on August 3 (my work), and one on August 20 (our friends, in town). We are very lucky to have such an awesome group of family and friends!

Stay cool in this weather my blogosphere friends!
-Magnolia Bud



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