June 10, 2011

Unsung Lullabies

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I have started reading "Unsung Lullabies" and so far I think it will be an awesome book for me to read. It goes through the emotional trauma that people go through when the find out that they have fertility problems and how you can deal with those struggles. It also goes over how fertility problems affect the male and ways to help them cope with there feelings. I know that Mr. Explorer Bud is always trying to be strong for me and not express his sadness about not being able to have kids the "Normal" way. I hope that after reading this book I can be a bit more aware of what Mr. Explorer Bud is feeling, of course we talk about it a lot, and how to help him express himself and know it is alright for him to let those feelings out. We are only able to really heal after we allow ourselves to express our thoughts, feeling and emotions.

My friends always ask how I am doing and how I am handling not being pregnant and having so many friends and family that have new babies and I can honestly say it is getting better. I feel like I am at a point where I am not so jealous and angry at everyone for having what I can't. Not that I don't still want to be pregnant but I am embracing where I am here and now and being happy with it. It has taken me a while to honestly feel that way but I am glad I have reached this point and hope that I can continue to find happiness in our lives in whatever stage of TTC we are in.



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