June 10, 2011

Quick 21 Week Update

(Image credit: Me!)

Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to check in while I have a few minutes. We're back from our trip! Now the fun of moving to a new apartment begins! The trip went well. It was H-O-T though. 90's each and every day. The photo above was taken in Arkansas. Gorgeous view of the lake. Our drive included a quick stop in Joplin, MO...which was eye opening. We weren't able to see the devastation, but I can tell you firsthand that the people there are still needing things as basic as food, water and clothing. There were dump trucks leaving one right after the other with debris and the National Guard was being escorted into town as we were leaving.

Pregnancy wise the trip was ok. I struggled with the trip there. Both my flights had seats that didn't recline, and my back didn't like that much. Then when we were in the home stretch of the drive to our destination, the roads got really curvy which my stomach and inner ears didn't appreciate. The heat and humidity was another challenge, but there was AC and a pool available, so I made the best of it. I did have to retire my wedding ring to a necklace though. I think it would do alright on my finger here where its more arid, but it wasn't happening there. The travels back were much better. Reclining seats really do go a long way.

I felt my first movement from the outside right around the time we left (June 3/4). Felt it again yesterday. Its really strange being able to tell which body part is whacking you. Yesterday, for example, it was a distinct baby fist punching me. The Mr hasn't felt the movement yet, I suppose that will come with time.

I'm starting to get some of the not-so-fun symptoms of pregnancy, too. Things like swelling (especially in that heat) and lightning crotch and varicose veins. Don't get me wrong, I'll deal with them 1,000 times over if it means a healthy baby in the end...they just aren't on my highlight reel of fun times.

Overall things are going well. He's moving each and every single day, which I love.

I hope everyone is doing well!



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