June 28, 2011

Taking it easy...

Well, I am backstage at a Summer Opera Gig, getting ready for the stage, and just hanging out. I thought I'd write a quick post to say hello, and check in.

There's not much to report from my end... AF is due to arrive on, or around, Thursday and I really don't have high hopes for a successful month in the TTC department... Honestly, if I got a BFP for this cycle, I would be HIGHLY shocked. We did BD around my supposed O date, but that doesn't mean anything to those of us suffering with PCOS.

It just seems like when you want something, everyone around you is getting it but you... like everywhere I look someone is having a baby or expecting, etc. Still, I have faith that our turn will come up soon enough :) I feel optimistic, and plan to stay like that... at least, for the time being.

Until next time :)

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