June 25, 2011

Anatomy Scan

We had our anatomy scan on Thursday and it went great! Everything with Baby BB was measuring perfectly! He/she was a wiggle worm so it took the tech a few times to get all the measurements. Mr. BB almost caved and decided to find out the baby's gender but he didn't. It looks like we really won't know baby's gender until November...sigh.

Baby is very active and the other kids have enjoyed feeling him/her move around in my belly.

I think Mr. BB and I have settled on for sure boy/girl names but I don't want to share just yet!

My back has been hurting so bad the past few days. Today I caved and took a Tylenol. I haven't been sleeping well either because I can't get comfortable. It seems too early for all of this!

This is short, Mr. BB and I have a wedding to go to today and in order not to be a lame-o I want to nap!




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