May 25, 2011

Popsicles, anyone?

In another month or so, Mr.Planner and I will be transfer two of our own Popsicles. We met with our RE on Monday to figure out what had happened with our last IVF. We got some of the hardest news that we could get. Nothing went wrong. According to our RE, we had a perfect cycle up until our results. We were just the unlucky couple that fell on the bad side of the statistics. While our RE may not be the most touchy-feely man, he did do a good job to make me understand that nothing I did affected the results. Not the 10 hour days, not the stress, not the bad diet, nothing. That was very comforting. So, what is next?

We are moving ahead to a frozen embryo transfer (FET) with my next cycle. We have three embryos frozen, one of high quality and two of average. Our RE said that some embryos don't survive thawing, so we could end up from anywhere from zero to three embryos. Hopefully we will have two good popsicles to transfer come the time. This cycle is so much easier than the IVF. I have to take some estrogen pills to stop me from ovulating naturally and then I have to take some progesterone suppositories to help build up my lining. I don't have to have any injections or any surgery. As my RE said, this is our "Hail Mary" cycle. The chances are lower for a frozen cycle than for a fresh, but there is still a better chance than a normal couple (about 35%). I am trying to keep an open mind, but it is difficult. I am sure this will be as upsetting as the IVF if it doesn't work. Hopefully though I won't even need to think about it.



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