May 24, 2011

16 Weeks

Belly Measurement/Weight: + 2!

Physical Progress: My midwife says my uterus is just below my belly button.

How I am feeling about my body: I still feel really good. I did get sun burnt today along with an itchy rash. Sun burn + itching = sucky!

Cravings/Aversions: I love chocolate milk lately and still candy.

Energy Level: Tired today from my allergic reaction to the sun.

Baby Movement: Yes! Just a little rolling feeling, so cool!

Thoughts/Feelings/Emotions: Still enjoying this pregnancy.

16 Week Appointment Update: I got a blood draw today for neural tube defects, not because I have any risk factors but because it is that time. I am still anxious about it though. I think I will call Monday and check for results. We scheduled our tour of the birth center/hospital for June 1st. Our anatomy scan as well as a fetal echocardiogram (due to the abnormal NT results) is July 6th. On June 8th we are going to a natural birth "expo" type thing where there will be counselors, people who specialize in wraps to show us, and a bunch of other stuff. It is free through the hospital! Lots of exciting stuff coming up. Plus next month I will be half way done!

Names: Our boy name is Asher, we are still working out a middle name. We really liked Mia for a girl name but it is in the top 10 for 2010 and that is WAY too common. I swear I have looked at every single name ever and we can't find one we love. Suggestions are welcome!


Teacher Bud said...

We went to a birth to baby show that was similar. It was really a great way to find out about local groups and see things.

When did you start feeling movement. I feel things sometimes, but I'm not sure if it's the baby, or if I'm imagining it.

Buttercup Bud said...

I started feeling him/her sometime last week! It definitely doesn't feel like gas (at least not to me). If you're feeling something and it is where the baby is, that is probably what you are feeling. It will just keep getting stronger too. I love it!


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