May 29, 2011

Highs and lows

That's what it's all about lately.

I'm on day 23 in the hospital. On one hand, I can't believe 3 weeks have gone by already. On the other hand, holy cow I've been in the hospital for 3 weeks!

We've had some complications and even a scary weekend last weekend spent in L&D where they thought they might have to deliver.

My OB said I've passed the honeymoon phase where I was lucky to have no physical symptoms but that I can expect to have more bad days now. Today was one of them... I was so sick today with nausea, vomiting and a killer headache. Thankfully, I'm feeling a little better now.

I've had a few ultrasounds recently due to Baby SB starting to show decels on my NST's. My fluid has dropped from 22 to 10. This, combined with the decels, is a sign that my placenta is starting to fail. A wonderful byproduct of the pre-eclampsia. I have another fluid check on Wednesday and then next week another detailed ultrasound with the MFM to check growth.

They finally detailed for me what the main things that will mean delivery are at this point:
1. My urine protein level needs to dramatically jump (my last 24 hour urine test was almost 1,000; my next test starts tomorrow morning, if it is close to or over 2,000, we'll be looking at delivering)

2. Fluid level. It's already decreased dramatically but if it goes 6 or below, we'll have to deliver immediately.

3. Unable to control my blood pressure with meds anymore. We're nearing that point. I'm checked every 4 hours and 50% of the time they stay in the range that we want to see right now... but more and more they are dipping way too low or spiking way too high.

4. Bloodwork. Thankfully, I've remained stable on that front. We had a brief scare where my platelets were dropping but they spiked back up and everything else is in normal range. HELLP is something I very much want to avoid.

They've taken 37 weeks off the table at this point. We aren't likely at all to see that goal. They are starting to talk about being lucky to make it to Friday (32 weeks). We're still holding out hope for 34 weeks though.

Little SB comes home Tuesday. She's been with her grandparents in Canada for the past 2+ weeks. I've missed her something fierce and I can't wait to see her. She gets upset sometimes when we talk on the phone and finds out that I'm still in the hospital. Hopefully, she'll feel better about it when she comes home. I have lots of crafts, puzzles and games planned for her visits to help make her feel better about things. My IL's are planning on staying until June 15th to help out with her and the house so that's a HUGE help.

Here is the last ultrasound picture we got a few weeks ago with the MFM. Cracked us up to see him in this position:
For the most part, the nurses here are AWESOME. There is one that I don't really care for and I dread her shift. But the rest are a lot of fun and keep me entertained and in good spirits. I'm the only antepartum patient right now and they've all commented on how much fun I am and what an easy patient I am. I look forward to Antepartum Treat Sundays where I get goodies like this:
Today's treat was even better... it had tons of candy bars, popcorn, cookies, more Bath & Body Works stuff in it and some flags for Memorial Day.

My friends and family have been so awesome. My room is completely decorated with flowers, plants, balloons, pictures their kids have drawn and pictures of DD. They've even started a "card shower" and I'm getting cards in the mail practically every day and those are up all around my room as well.

So here I stay... chugging along... knowing every day I keep him inside is about 3 days he doesn't have to spend in the NICU!

And I leave you with my belly pic from last week... don't mind the mismatched clothes, I'm going for comfort in here... not style!

~Sunflower Bud~


Explorer Bud said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you that you can keep little SF Bud in there for a little while longer!! I can't imagine being stuck in a hospital bed for 3 weeks you are amazing!!

Cactus Bud said...

Fingers crossed that your little one can stay cooking in there as long as possible.

Take care!


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