May 5, 2011

20 week update

20 weeks! Halfway through this pregnancy! I'm shocked at how quickly this baby is growing, and how fast this pregnancy seems to be going.

We had our 20-week midwife appointment this week. We talked about going to concerts (ok), whether we'll be circumcising if we have a boy (yes, and got a referral to a mohel), weight gain (10lbs at 20 weeks, which is right on track), movement (my placenta is in the front, so it will most likely be another few weeks before we feel baby consistently), and birth classes (going great, we started on Monday). My uterus is about an inch above my belly button, and I'll tell you what--it's so weird to hear my stomach rumbling from midway between my belly button and ribcage when I'm so used to hearing it tell me it's hungry down near my bladder! Even precious Magnolia Cat looked at me oddly when it grumbled during petting time last night!

We also started childbirth classes on Monday. There are 7 other couples in the class, and we're taking an 8-week series focused on natural birth. The first class was great--we did some get-to-know-each-other exercises, did a quick relaxation exercise, and watched three birth videos. Seeing a placenta on video is not for the faint of heart! Everyone in the class is between 20 and 27 weeks, so it's nice to have a group of people going through the same things we are, at roughly the same times.

Hope you all have a great week! Sending lots of love and baby dust to each of you...
Magnolia Bud



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