April 20, 2011

Strangest TTC thoughts ever

Some of my thoughts the past few included: "Oh crap, did I remember to take my birth control?" and "Come on AF show up now!"

What kind of TTC thoughts are these? The world of infertility is very crazy and can definitely turn you around at times. While these thoughts would definitely be counterproductive to a normal person TTC, for someone going through IVF it is a normal thought. I have just trained my brain to where all this is normal and at least Mr. Planner Bud and I can joke about it. We went out with friends over the weekend and I had to take my pill while at dinner. The husband was thoroughly confused and asked, "I thought you were trying to get pregnant, what happened?" Mr. Planner bud looks at me and says, "Crap, this is what we have been doing wrong for over a year and a half."

I finished taking the BCP on Sunday and am now waiting for AF to show it. This is another crazy feeling. I have been hoping for AF to come for the last two cycles. This is not what one normally wishes for when desperately trying to have a child. Hopefully AF shows her lovely face today; if not, I will have to call the RE's and go in for some bloodwork. I am just beyond excited to start stimming and get this show on the road. Come on I have this huge pile of needles waiting to be used:


Explorer Bud said...

Haa haa haa I know that feeling!! It looks like you are all stocked up and ready for those wonderful shots!! You get to do Cronine which I loved over doing the shots so good luck!

Teacher Bud said...

Ugh, the crinone is yucky. It gets you all gunky and you have to clean it out. I'm sure it is better than the shots though.


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