April 20, 2011


Going to make this quick, as I am in bed and want to go to sleep ;)

So today was supposed to be the day of the "O", as per my Period Tracker App... The little flower marked Wednesday, April 20th, proudly :)

When Mr. DBud got home, he was feeling quite frisky... I actually think he totally forgot I was O-ing today, but he didn't care! He just wanted some... And it was good :) I was happy... It had been a while since we got busy.

When shower time came around and I used the restroom... There it was... A LOT of what seemed to be EWCM. This was around 4-5 hours after we got busy, so it definitely wasn't anything else - I had already used the restroom a few times and hadn't seen this. Is this a good sign?? Advice please :)

But now, with this, we enter the 2ww... :-/

And now it's time to pop a pre-natal...

Here's hoping May 4th brings good news :)

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