April 21, 2011

I hate swallowing pills. I am sure I over think if I can swallow them and if they will get stuck in my throat and all sorts of nonsense. So I am swallowing 17 pills a day and chewing one pill, that is my favorite way to take them. Mr. Explorer Bud is the complete opposite, I laid out 7 pills for him to take at dinner since he is terrible at remembering to take them, and he says, "watch this" and pops them all in his mouth at once and swallows with a little sip of water!! The only problem he has is realizing that he must eat a meal when he takes them so he doesn't feel neauseous afterwards, I have no problem remembering that since I hate being neauseous! In short he is taking to swallowing the pills better and I am better and eating with them.

I have noticed that I am feeling more awake and energetic during the afternoon and evening when I would be crashing and looking for food to give me a little pick me up. I am falling alseep without a problem and actually staying asleep even when Mr. EB has come to bed late. So far the Experiment is going well and hopefully it continues. It will be interesting to see if AF arrives in a month or so.



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