March 29, 2011

Sweet Pea at 8 Weeks

That is my little sweet pea! We were not expecting an ultrasound but the midwife did one and it was incredible! Little Buttercup Bud's heart rate was 160 BPM and going strong. It was amazing. We printed out the picture and now it is on our fridge.

The midwife said according to her wheel I am due 11/10. However, I am still sticking with my calculations because I know when I ovulated. Besides, 2 days doesn't really make a difference because baby will come whenever he/she is ready. Although I do think an an 11/11/11 birthday would be cool.

Mr. Buttercup Bud and I were so excited/relieved to see our sweet little baby. It was wonderful seeing our little baby for the first time, even though he/she looks more like a kidney bean. I was so proud of our little baby for his/her little heart pumping away.

My next appointment I will be 12 weeks, wahoo! Almost out of first tri, thank God! I am so ready! I have been so sick. Our midwife offered to give me a prescription for nausea but I declined. I am really trying to be med free all the way through. Even if that is crazy, I figure I might as well start now so I can be prepared for a natural birth.

Until next time!

Buttercup Bud


Explorer Bud said...

What a nice suprise to get to see your little one, Congrats!!

PB&J Bud said...

Beautiful! Isn't it great seeing your LO one the screen?! It's the most precious sight ever :)

Buttercup Bud said...

Thank you, it was amazing!


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