March 19, 2011

Getting Back in The Swing of Things

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This week has been pretty slow. Now that I am in limbo I need to get back into the groove of eating a low to zero carb diet for my PCOS and knocking out the sugar again. I did a 30 day challenge in January where I didn't eat any grains, legumes, dairy or sugar and only ate lean meats, veggies and fruit. It was difficult at first but after losing 6 lbs in the month with little to no exercise it reiterated to me that my body needs to have no sugar and carbs to keep it slim and happy. I was excited to see that my Thyroid levels were right at 1. I just read an interesting blog post about a RE in Florida that has been putting his patients with PCOS and other Endocrine issues on a low carb diet and he has found that most no longer need to do IVF to get and stay pregnant.
Here is the link to the YouTube video of the interview with the Dr.

I would love to have my PCOS and Thyroid in check with as little medicine as possible as I hate taking pills every day of my life!! I wonder if that helps with sperm shape, since I cook in the house and grocery shop Mr. Explorer Bud will be eating healthier as well so we will see how those little spermies react. I think I will have him do another SA after 3 months and see how it compares the the first one from last year. Who knows maybe all our problems will be solved with our diet changes, a little sarcastic there but it couldn't hurt to eat healthy now could it?


PB&J Bud said...

Good luck to you! I am planning on starting Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet full force tomorrow. It's tough but the first few days are the hardest! I am wishing you nothing but will power and strength to say no to carbs!!


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