March 18, 2011

The ahhhmazing Bellaband and other updates

Baby Buttercup Bud and I have surpassed the 6 week mark, wahoo!

My pants have been getting tighter at night due to bloat so I have taken to unbuttoning them and walking around my house constantly pulling up my pants, cool huh? I bought a Bellaband last weekend but haven't tried it until today. It is silly but I was afraid of looking silly with my Bellaband on when I am only just past 6 weeks. Psh, bloated pregnant lady doesn't care anymore, this thing rocks! My pants feel great and snug but not too snug, just perfect.

Aside from the bloat, Baby Buttercup Bud has given me some serious nausea! I have taken to throwing up in the morning after brushing my teeth, yum. I have Preggie Pops, which are so sour and sometimes the last thing I want when my mouth is watering in anticipation of the impending throw up, is something sour. I also have some Morning Wellness tea, which sometimes helps for a little while. I usually feel pretty crappy a lot of the time though.

I also have aversions to most foods. I need to talk myself into eating, but once I think of something that sounds good, I NEED it. Mr. Buttercup Bud has brought me KFC Mac and Cheese, a special salad from this once place I love, Vernors, toast and I forgot what else. Mr. Buttercup Bud has been great!

The older Buttercup Bud kids have taken to referring to the baby as a he, especially Buttercup Boy. He really wants a brother! Buttercup girl says good morning and good night to the baby every day. They are really sweet, Mr. Buttercup Bud and I are blessed.

More updates at 7 weeks!


Buttercup Bud

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