March 26, 2011

Nothing but confusion this morning.

Today I am 8 DPO.......or at least I think I am 8 DPO. Remember I only half assed charted this month. Anyway, because I have no self control I decided to test this morning at 6 AM and I was totally prepared to get a BFN. I peed on the stick, waited for a few minutes, checked the test, saw a BFN and then went back to bed. Once I was in bed I told myself I was a complete idiot for testing 8 DPO because the odds of getting anything but a BFN is astronomical. And besides, I have been trying for a year, what makes me think that I could possible be pregnant this time around.

Fast forward to 8 AM. The baby was up so before getting her out of her crib I decided to fish the HPT out of the trash and to torture myself one last with my stark white test. But then, there it was. A FAINT line. And I do mean FAINT. Faint enough that I couldn't get the line to show up on a pic so I could ask what you guys think. But Mr. PB&J saw the line too so at least I know I'm not delusional. Or if I am, he is too.


I don't know what to think. Odds are it's an evaporation line, right? I mean, I don't want to get my hopes up only to discover I am an idiot who is grasping at straws.

But, what if I am pregnant? OMG, what if I have another miscarriage? What if I don't? I wonder what the due date will be? Let's look on the internet. No wait, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Oh what the hell. Wow, my due date is December 9, 2011. One day after Little PB&J's two year birthday. Hmm, should I call my mom and tell her? No, I should wait. ::reality check:: Deep down you know it's an evaporation line, stop thinking happy thoughts.


I guess I am going to run out to Dollar Tree a little later today and buy some HPT. I have some more First Response Tests in my cabinets but I would hate to waste those. I will update my post later with the results. Fingers crossed......


Here is a pic of the test I took this morning. But, I have come to my senses and I am calling it an evap line. Ugh. Sorry for the false alarm! TTC can make you lose reason.....

PB&J Bud :)


Cactus Bud said...

It was probably an evap line that long after you took the test. Two hours is just too long to let the test sit and still trust the results.

You're so early I'd really recommend waiting and testing with FMU tomorrow. I don't know that you'd have enough hcg in your system to trip a test midday.

Good Luck!

PB&J Bud said...

I think you are right ::sad face:: But maybe I will get a better defined test tomorrow!?! Probably not...

Erin said...

It COULD be an evap line, but I thought that didn't happen with pink dye tests? I don't know...I'd definitely be testing again and soon! :)

PB&J Bud said...

I thought the same thing about pink dye tests! But unfortunately it was an evap line :( I have tested the last two mornings and both tests were negative. Bummer.


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