March 25, 2011

Come in AF!

This has been the weirdest few days of TTC that I have had so far. I am been egging on AF to show. Can you believe that? Crazy infertile me calling on AF to come in? Really? I am only 5 dpo, but I would be super excited if AF decided to show tomorrow.

I am really at the point where I want to start our IVF cycle soon. I looked at all my shot information (which scares the sh*t out of me) and I need to call the insurance liaison and injections nurse next week.

April 4th (the projected day of AF's arrival) seems like ages from now. It is very relaxing to not be thinking about TTC as much. I am having caffeinated coffee in the morning and a glass of wine or beer at night (GASP!).

I hope this next week and half is as short as this entry.



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