March 16, 2011

IVF, here we come!

It is offical; Mr. Plannerbud and I are moving onto IVF. We met with our RE earlier today and he thinks this is the best thing for us. Since we are textbook "normal" and I am still young (27), he says we have about a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant with our first few cycles. I know that he probably says that to a lot of people, but I trust that if the chances were slim, he would be telling us so.

Mr. Plannerbud and I are very excited and cannot wait to begin this journey. I do have say though I am a little nervous about all the injections, especially when I have to do two in one day! Hopefully I don't really mess up mixing or setting the correct dosage. My major fear though is that I will have to my trigger shot mid-school day. How will I dress that with my students? "Hold on class, Mrs. P needs to run to bathroom to inject herself with some drugs. Please read silently." Yeah that would go over big.

Now we really just have to wait for this month to pass. I have given up temping. I haven't remembered to do it in like three days and I don't think it is super important for where we are right now. Hopefully I will at least remember to use my OPKs starting tomorrow, so at least we would have some chance this month. It is going to be a crazy few months.


Mrs. Lydon said...

Congrats on the new treatment decision!!! We just made that decision a few months ago and are getting ready to begin our first IVF. Good Luck!


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